Download a free version of SPM our CMMS software

Download here the SPM trial version, our CMMS software (Computerized maintenance management system). Thanks to this application, you will quickly be able to optimize your maintenance operation and intervention management. You can use the software with no time limit and you can upgrade your solution at any time without any data loss

For a manual installation

The ZIP archive that you are about to download will probably be uploaded in “User\Downloads”. Unzip the file into a SPM directory in your desktop or in your documents. With this portable version, you do not need to install the software with the Windows installer, you can use it directly ! Just click on SPM.exe and you are ready to go.


Install the last update of SPM

You have been asked to install the last update of SPM ? Then you are in the right place.

Load the last update

The update is free and it is fully compatible with your current SPM version. This update has just not been throught all the tests performed on the Web version. Make a full copy of your SPM file, then overwrite your files with those of the ZIP update archive. This operation is safe for your data, they will still be there after the update !

Ask for further assistance with SPM installation

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