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MRBD Solutions offers a wide range of analyses and a large panel of business intelligence tools dedicated to optimize the economic and /or statistic information and data seeking. Do you wish customized analysis concerning your market or your economic domain ? Would you like an advanced and detailed benchmark of your competitors ? Or maybe you simply need a complete database of key figures and trends about your economic environment ? We can attend to your needs.

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Our expertise is not only limited to economic analysis. We are also able to provide a complete range of business intelligence tools and applications developed from the famous Microsoft Office Suite and devoted to support the decision makers. We can build on-demand database interfaces, invoice management applications, flexible tools for automation of your Office documents and many other  business solutions ! Do not hesitate to tell us a word about your projects, we will certainly have solutions for your specific needs.

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We can also offer you an inventory management software, thanks to our partnership with SOLTI. Simple, effective and easy to deploy, this solution allows you to :

  • Instantly see the situation and the condition of your inventory
  • Realize in an intuitive and reliable manner your inputs and outputs
  • Sort, filter and export your data to Excel
  • Use all the existing barcodes
  • Add specific additional features fitted to your business
  • Realize easily your inventories and without any risk
  • Print purchase orders and delivery notes
  • Manage kits and manufacturing according to your nomenclatures


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MRBD Solutions can become your reference partner in economic analysis and business intelligence consulting. Our approach is completely transparent. You define your specific needs, we discuss the situation together and we do everything to build accurate, functional and fully adaptable solutions for your business.

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